About Us

Welcome to Sutra - Where Tradition Meets Modern Elegance

Sutra stands as a prominent online fashion haven, carefully curated with captivating silhouettes and trending color palettes. Established in 2021, Sutra swiftly emerged as a trusted name in ethnic fashion. Rooted in the essence of traditional motifs, cultural heritage, and artisanal craftsmanship, we at Sutra redefine style by infusing every ensemble with a blend of contemporary charm and timeless tradition.

 Meet Our Founder

Sutra's journey is a testament to the vision of a dynamic 22-year-old, Payal Khandelwal. What began as a fervent fascination with colors and crafts soon evolved into a profound passion. Payal, a dedicated fashion designer, harbored the dream of carving her niche in the fashion realm. In 2021, she gave wings to her aspirations with the birth of Sutra. Although the path was uncharted and the initial steps daunting, Payal's intuition, coupled with her brother's insights as a fabric wholesaler in Jaipur, laid the foundation for an innovative online platform.

The voyage of Sutra in 2021 commenced with a 15-piece collection, each print handcrafted by Payal herself. From design to cutting and packaging, she orchestrated every aspect. Her insatiable quest for knowledge led her to master pattern-making, an art she honed in the initial six months. This unwavering dedication extended to fabric cutting and stitching, as she sought to perfect every detail.

Today, Sutra has blossomed into a cohesive team of 35 individuals, comprising 20 skilled artisans, 12 masters, 3 interns, and a 4-member marketing unit. Payal's vision extends beyond fashion; she aspires for every woman to experience the allure of a Sutra outfit in her wardrobe, prioritizing quality over quantity.

Payal continues to guide Sutra's design direction, collaborating with her dedicated team to propel the brand to greater heights. Their collective passion drives them to innovate and create with a diverse array of fabrics, reflecting the essence of the modern woman.


 The Sutra Identity

The very essence of our brand lies in its name, "Sutra," symbolizing the thread that weaves together stories of elegance and authenticity. Our brand colors, an amalgamation of teal green and gold, evoke sentiments of happiness and regal sophistication.

 Unveiling the Symbol

The peacock, a majestic symbol of tradition, anchors our logo. This choice mirrors Payal's creative spirit and respect for her cultural roots. The emblem captures the essence of royalty and creativity, forging a distinct identity for the brand.

 Quality in Every Thread

Sutra's commitment to quality extends to the fabrics we choose. Each piece is meticulously crafted to offer breathability, comfort, and versatility for all occasions and seasons.



 Attention to Detail

At Sutra, we understand that fabric alone doesn't create magic; it's the intricate detailing that sets us apart. Every garment carries a touch of tradition, connecting to our rich cultural heritage.

 Stitching with Precision

Our focus on stitching is unwavering. We employ the finest threads to ensure impeccable quality in every stitch, offering durability and finesse.

Packaging that Speaks Joy

At Sutra, we believe that our packaging should reflect the joy and admiration we hold for our customers. Every package is crafted to bring a smile, symbolizing the delight of wearing Sutra.



 The Art of Block Printing

Our deep-rooted love for Jaipur's famous block prints infuses our garments with a touch of authenticity. Each piece is curated with dedication and expertise, celebrating a traditional craft that's close to our hearts.

 Elegance in Hand Paints

Hand-painted designs exude a royal allure across fabrics. This intricate technique, though challenging, encapsulates our commitment to elegance and creativity.


At Sutra, we invite you to explore a world where tradition dances with innovation. Join us in embracing elegance, authenticity, and style that's uniquely yours.